Your precious images are deserving of the highest standard printing and presentation, which is exactly what we provide. Whether it’s archival lab prints, specialist papers and exhibition printing, or mounting and framing options, we have sourced equipment, media, suppliers and providers to ensure that our quality is always at the highest levels possible for your images.

Some of our products on offer include:

Digital SureLab Printing

We use only the latest Epson SureLab D3000 dry-lab for our lab prints. What's the benefits for your prints? The new Epson UltraChrome D6 photo ink-set achieves a wide colour gamut that exceeds that of silver halide, yielding prints that are vivid and lifelike with excellent black density. No longer do you need to sacrifice colour accuracy and depth for small, cost-effective printing. No longer do you need to drop your images to the sRGB colourspace in order to have them lab printed. Try us out, and compare the quality and accuracy of our SureLab prints against any other pro-lab!

Large-format Photo Printing

With our professional Epson large-format printers, we can handle printing up to a short edge of 44" (110cm) wide, and over 12m in length! We use only the highest grade archival papers from suppliers such as Ilford, Epson, Canson, and more. Our range includes surfaces such as traditional lustre and gloss, as well as stunning metallic, and Fine Art papers. As both an Ilford Certified Printer and a Canson Certified Master Printer, you can be assured that your images will be printed to the highest quality possible.

Exhibition Printing

Exhibitions are always dealt with special care by the Custom Photo team. Your work is your life, and a successful exhibition can easily make or break your career in the industry, so we always work carefully with the photography to ensure both the quality and the specifics of the prints. With a large range of specialist papers available, not just one single supplier, we can ensure your images are printed onto the very best surface for those images. We can also offer discounts for exhibitions - please contact Nathan for details.

Custom Wallpaper

Looking for LARGE large-format photo printing? Custom Photo Imaging are custom photo wallpaper specialists, having pioneered the usage and development of it here in Australia. Many of the wallpaper retail outlets across the country now use and prefer our Custom Wall Designs range of custom wallpaper.  Using our large-format photo printers and specially sourced wallpaper fabric, we can turn your photos, artwork and illustrations into breath-taking feature walls.

Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing, Giclee Printing, Prints on Rag, Archival Printing... Whatever you refer to it as, we are specialists in it.  With our latest generation Epson professional pigment ink printers, coupled with our range of specialised archival photo papers from renowned suppliers as Canson and Ilford, we can produce your images into stunning works of art that will last many generations.  We are one of the very few labs in Australia to be certified as both a Canson Master Printer as well as an Ilford Certified Printer, thus your precious images will be handled with the utmost care and quality.

Canvas Printing

Canvas prints are a timeless way of displaying your images on a wall.  With our Epson professional pigment printers and our premium archival cotton canvases, as well as UV protection coatings, we can turn your treasured images into works of art that will be around for lifetimes.  We only use the highest grade kiln-dried timber that we custom make into frames on-site, each one to suit each individual image.  With a free choice of wrapping styles (gallery, mirrored, solid colour, pixel bleed and more), we can ensure that your end result is breath-taking and something to remember.